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The First All-in-One Cryptocurrency Exchange

Simplified trading with crypto.

With more tools and an incomparable user experience, Djinxi desires to generate an all-in-one cryptocurrency exchange in a unique way.

Which possibilities differentiate us from other platforms and thereby creates the ideal trading experience, are for example endless referral rewards, direct FIAT deposits, 24/7 customer support, charting tools on exchange, mobile app functionality with custom alerts, unrivalled trading pairs, 4 layers of security architecture, increased transaction throughput.


As traders and coders, which we were before the beginning of Djinxi, we had to deal with several issues like weak customer support, complicated UI, few trading tools and security troubles. We wanted to solve those problems, because who could better improve the current way of exchange than traders? This is why we made Djinxi, for all those traders who want to leave those problems behind.


Playing an important part in creating the ideal all-in-one exchange, is our vision in a world as today, which benefits from improvements since cryptocurrencies are just as usual as fiat currencies.


In this very fast changing environment, we will be glad to assist you at making the right choises. Therefore it is our mission to support our users at all skill levels by means of numerous tools, financial services, news articles and tutorials.

Air Drop

Register an account as an individual and receive 100 DXI tokens.

Register an account as a company and receive 200 DXI tokens.

A total of 30,000,000 DXI tokens (3%) will be given away during the AirDrop.




84,000,000 DXI




500,000,000 DXI





Current Djinxi Token Cost
Token Sale Tiered Contribution Bonus Structure

Token Distribution

Funds Distribution

Djinxi is delivering a best-in-class cryptocurrency and trading platform built for everyone.

Djinxi’s proactive and flexible team will refine the user experience, due to powerful strong trading engine, lowered fees and much more.

Discounted Trading Fees

Get 50% off on trading fees by using DXI tokens.

Referral Program

Get 10% of transaction fees for the existence of referred accounts.

Referred account owners get 2 months of Platinum Level membership (this includes 20% off of the fee)

Fiat Deposits

Wire transmission and ACH are backed.

Immediate deposits possible for authorized users.


Automatic IP whitelisting.

Will qualify to PCI-DSS and ENISA security standards.

Our most important matter is confidentiality, sincerity and the availability of information.


High throughput and low latency database production.

Able to handle 100000 tx per second with below 1ms latency.

Exchange Architecture

Made for long term scaling.

Isolated services to alleviate demand spikes.

Automatic scaling and resource stabilizing.

Mobile App

For iOS and Android.

Get integrated price alerts and notifications when orders fulfilled.

24/7 Support

We response within 24 hours.

Live chat.

Worldwide provision and multilingual assistance.

Join the conversation and experience the Djinxi Community!






Discount Fees

Sometimes, trading fees can cause some troubles. Especially for high volume traders, trading can have very high costs. Luckily, we have a feature to facilitate this issue.

Djinxi users will be able to use their standard DXI tokens to pay for fees, trading fee discounts, and for buying different features available on the exchange after they are released.

Discount Fees

Referral Program

All users registered at Djinxi take advantage of our Referral Program. Earn 10% referred user's transaction fees, by referring friends.

We all benefit, when you help us grow. Users registered through a referral code, receive a Platinum level account for 60 days, which means they will get 20% discount on trading fees.

Referral Program
Our Team

Henry Vlake
Founder | CEO

Khalid Kechouh
Co-Founder | Business Coördinator

Jan v. Wijk
Co-Founder | COO

Most existing exchanges aren’t made for large trading volumes. This is why problems like unstable servers, bad customer service and shortage of efficiency may appear. The cryptocurrency community keeps getting bigger and bigger, which won’t favor solving these problems. Djinxi wants to not only do something about those problems, but also think ahead of the issues that may appear in the future. Djinxi is in the leading position of exchanges, because of this efficiency, together with our simple to use interface and quick responding customer support for all our users, from beginning to experienced.
Our company has about 25 employees at this moment, whereof at least half consists of software developers, web programmers and computer security experts. Every worker has a lot of experience in computing and are up-to-date with regard to technological modernization.
The reason for this is that they are now accomplishing tasks which are related to the ongoing proceedings of our company (software development and sales), this is financing this ICO, along with the start up of Djinxi. Yet, not all of those workers played an active part in the ICO in their current working positions. athey will officially and entirely join the project when the ICO is completed.
We are related to experts in the banking and technology sector who worked or are working in these companies. Some of them will also join the Djinxi team and others will accomplish advisory functions, with in the months to come and once the funding for the project has been achieved.
Yes, Djinxi allows Margin Trading. Yet we are still discussing about which trading tools we will realize on the exchange, but so far, we can guarantee that we’ll provide:

      ● Limit order
      ● Market order
      ● Stop loss
      ● Trailing stop
      ● Immediate or Cancel
      ● One Cancels Other
      ● Fill or kill
      ● Box-top order
The security of Djinxi will be impervious for hackers and they would never get any of our users’ information. The same goes for the funds, because they will mostly be kept in cold wallets. We recommend going through the Whitepaper.
This was made possible by provisions that make the experience of using Djinxi for new users as pleasurable as possible. We offer a user-friendly interface and trading without avoidable issues especially for new users, in contrast to other exchanges. Besides, our platform and customer support is available in multiple languages.
The platform and the costumer support will both be available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, Dutch, French, Russian, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic and Turkish.
DXI is a utility token used for paying fees on the platform. As described more detailed in the Whitepaper, token holders will be able to benefit from it.
The total supply is 1,000,000,000 DXI tokens
There are 500,000,000 DXI tokens available during the entire Token Sale. Tokens remaining at the end will be burned.
The 1st phase is a Private Token Sale (from November 11th, 2018 until January 6th, 2019), the token price will be $0.20 and the Bonus will be 25% during the entire Private Token Sale.

The 2nd phase is a Public Token Sale also known as PRE Token Sale, which will have 5 different stages.

From February 10th, 2019 until February 24th, 2019 the token price will be $0.22 and the Bonus will be 20%
From February 24th, 2019 until March 10th, 2019 the token price will be $0.24 and the Bonus will be 15%
From March 10th, 2019 until March 24th, 2019 the token price will be $0.26 and the Bonus will be 10%
From March 24th, 2019 until April 7th, 2019 the token price will be $0.28 and the Bonus will be 5%
From April 7th, 2019 until April 21st, 2019 the token price will be $0.30 and the Bonus will be 0%
Addresses from Coinbase, Kraken, Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex or other exchange are NOT ERC-20 compatible. We are not responsible for non ERC-20 compatible addresses.
Private Token Sale and Public Token Sale investors will receive their DXI tokens on May 1st, 2019
No, not yet, but we will in the future..
When we don’t reach the soft cap, we will pay all our investors there money back.
Yes there is, during the Private Token Sale the minimum amount is $250.00 and during the Public Token Sale the minimum purchase is $50.00
All unsold tokens will be burned.
There is no fixed rate, because it depends on the momental Ether price when the transaction takes place. The smart contract uses an oracle to track the Ethereum price continually and the exact amount of DXI the user has purchased, will be sent back after the token sell has ended.

Cryptocompare.com is the source the smart contract will use for tracking the Ether price.
DXI is not meant for speculative and investment purposes. Its value raises as its utility grows within the platform. Yet, DXI will be recorded on plentiful exchanges within a few weeks after the ICO is accomplished. At this point, the price will still be based on the market, where sellers and buyer are the ones to decide how much they desire to trade them for.
We have partnered with a number of industry-leading institutions and companies.

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